Conflict and Fusion

Diverse material and textures collide and fuse harmoniously. Knit and woven impact with 3D object and 2D pattern, tradition marries with new technology.

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Incorporate knitting, beading and hand embroidery to explore a single line into difference part of the garment. Each details, shape, form, pattern and design "drew" by a line in diverse textile and technic.



It is a celebration of masculine body forming by the raw and fine material. All the textiles turn into the media for interpret the external apparels of the body. There is via of folding, breaking and sculpting the fabric to recreate the structures and surface.



Referencing traditional architectural principals of construction and transition of abstract form to structure shapes. Using standardized horizontal axes of the patternmaking block as a way of stabilizing structures, to build up desired shapes whilst retaining a cohesive sense of proportion and order.



Create noises out from garment by means of improper elements with stereotype garments types. Place together things are not supposed together; make up the garment noise to challenge the traditional impression.